Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Cover Characters Hikari Hanazono
Kei Takishima
Chapter 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 3 is the third chapter of the manga series.



It is fall break for the S•A! And on that following week, it is Kei Takishima's birthday. Akira has offered her classmates (Hikari Hanazono, Kei Takishima, Megumi Yamamoto, Jun Yamamoto, Ryū Tsuji, and Tadashi Karino) to vist her villa. The S•A class intended to celebrate Kei's birthday there, at Akira's villa. Unexpectedly, once they arrive to Akira's villa, a girl appears there yelling Kei's name. That girl happended to be Kei Takishima's cousin, Nagi Takishima. The S•A students intended to celebrate Kei's birthday there, at Akira's villa. Nagi was acting quite peculiar and was very clingy to Kei. Later on, Nagi confesses her feelings about Kei. She was upset that Kei was ignoring her because of Hikari.

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