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Yahiro Saiga
雑賀 八尋 Saiga Yahiro
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthday July 7th
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Pink
Blood Group AB
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Relatives Chitose Saiga (younger brother)
Voice Actors
Seiyuu Kishō Taniyama
English Clint Bickham
Anime Debut Episode 6
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attends Kokusen Academy, but it is revealed that he originally studied in Hakusenkan, but was expelled by Tadashi's Mother. He is the heir to the Saiga Financial Group, a group that is even higher in status than the Takishima Group. When he was young, Yahiro had no friends, for the most part because his attitude prevented him from making anyone smile or laugh and made them cry instead. He chose not to become friends with anyone at Kokusen Academy until he met Sakura. At first, he had rejected her offer to become friends, but complied after they went through a lot of trouble to save the rabbit they were trying to bring back to its home in the mountains. He is often seen, both in anime and manga, with Sakura, arranging parties and events.


Yahiro has pink hair that reaches his neck and brown eyes. He has a slender build and is slightly shorter than Kei. He also has a piercing on his left ear.


Yahiro is a carefree young man with a sinister side. He is kind and gentle but acts heartless and deceptive to protect Akira, whom he has harbored a crush on since childhood. He is also willing to use any means necessary to protect Akira, even if she hates him for it. It is because of this attitude, and an incident with Akira’s friend Sayo, that led him to his hatred of “poor” people.

However, later on, Megumi is seen as his new love interest. Megumi originally wanting to distract Yahiro from knowing and opposing the fact that Akira and Tadashi were now dating and hence preventing him from hurting the SA, Megumi asks him to date her.

He agrees, so long as she can make him enjoy the date. Although at first, it doesn't go so well, he eventually shows his kinder side to her when he notices her trying so hard to make him happy. During the date, Jun and Ryuu (buying groceries to feed a sick Hikari) see Megumi together with Yahiro. They worry that he is doing something malicious to her and thus follow the two. When they finally catch up, Yahiro pretends to be the bad guy again and is when she realizes that he is only placing a facade to cover his true personality. She sticks up for him and they leave together. Later on, she sings to him and makes him smile. Although he tells her he didn't enjoy himself, it is known that he actually did, as he smiles to himself. His relationship with Megumi further develops in the anime, as seen in the last episode, when he helps her relax and sing. After helping her, Yahiro congratulated Megumi and was about to kiss her when Tadashi interrupted the moment. Yahiro angrily yelled at Tadashi for not reading the atmosphere with Megumi

In the special chapters of Special A Jougai Rantou, it was hinted immensely that, Yahiro developed deep feelings for her as he answers Kei's question of whether he has feelings for Megumi or not, with a deep blushing "It's non of your business" after Megumi tried to reach him with her feelings in front of thousand fans. It was also shown that he gets jealous on various occasions, where guys tried making a move on her, where he checked the band members out if they were all guys or not, or when Ryu talked about her godlike chest size. After hearing Ryu talk about them, he couldn't look Megumi in her eyes during their concert date as he was too embarrassed and a little mad inside. It's pretty much confirmed that they started dating at the end when Sakura came in with magical chocolates, saying that she wants to share her happiness with the other couples and Megumi writes "Yahiro and I are fine. We are going to a concert this weekend", on her board.


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